Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Day At The Lake

My partner Sean and I decided to give Clear Lake a try and see what happens.

We were on the water about 7:30 and fished till close to noon. The water temp had cooled some, but I didn't get a reading. I started with a White Magic with red spot and red border, and Sean started with a Perch Scale F7 Flatfish.

I got a strike right off, but didn't hook up, and Sean had no action for about an hour. I switched to a Red Magic and Sean put on a brass colored Highland Fling. I hooked and landed 1 fish while Sean kept getting strikes and no hookups. After a while Sean landed a fish, then another, so I switched to a brass Highland Fling also.

We managed to come off the lake with a limit of fish, and most were caught on the Highland Fling. They are a very small spoon that's cut from a flat piece of brass in the shape of a fish. Then it's bent in 2 places and carries a single hook. We drug those behind a Cowbell for me and a Giant Cowbell for Sean. We each caught 5 fish with Sean landing 2 Rainbows and 3 Browns. I caught all Browns, one of which looked a lot like a Tiger Trout. Great day on the water and trout for dinner. How can you beat that?

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