Monday, September 7, 2009

Alpha Quilt

One of the programs available at Eastpoint Church in the Spokane Valley is a program called Alpha. It is presented by Nicky Gumble, a vicker at a church just north of London England. It is a 12 or 13 week class and everyone is invited. All questions are legitimate and respect is shown to all in attendance. Some of the classes are "Who is Jesus?" and "Why Did Jesus Have to Die?" There is a weekend away, usually at a bible or church camp, and if you ever want to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, that's the function to attend. In short, it's an awesome experience. I have attended Alpha 3 times now and have always looked forward to it, and always come away with a fresh perception of Christianity. It is however, expensive for the church to do, so this year Linda has made a quilt to be raffled off, and hopefully defer some of the expense. She has had some problems with a pinched nerve that is effecting her ability to finish the quilt, so she has enlisted the help of her friend Wanda Wemhoff from St. Maries, Idaho to help her finish the quilt. Their collaboration has produced a beautiful quilt and it will be raffled soon at Eastpoint Church. Linda & Wanda, you are both blessed for what you have accomplished. Thank you!