Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor Taste Ad Campaigne

I can't believe no one else has complained about this;

This morning my wife watched, and I heard a commercial sponsored by right wing conservatives, designed to sway opinion away from current fiscal policies. We both feel compelled to express our dismay at the way the ad was presented. Regardless of where a person stands politically, left, right, or somewhere in between, it was presented in extremely poor taste.
They chose to use children to convey the message. They used a group of children reciting what sounded like the “Pledge of Allegiance” only in very negative terms. While reciting the message, the children had their hands held over their hearts.
We find it appalling that people who claim to be conservative would use such over the top liberal verbiage, especially in the fact that they used children to defile the Pledge of Allegiance.
In the 1930’s, an evil faction in Europe used the same tactic. He created Nazi youth camps, where children were brain washed to believe in a wicked and racist doctrine. We by no means intend to infer that these people are Nazis, but I could not help but picture these children using the Zeig Heil salute instead of holding their hands over their hearts. My wife and I both believe in our right to free speech, but we both feel that the people responsible for this ad campaign would better served if they publicly apologized and removed it.
I sent copies to, our local nbc affiliate, both of our senators, and our congressman.
I still can't understand why I haven't heard a word about this from anyone.